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Our team of experts are here to help you with all your towing and snow plow needs.

Originally located in the heart of North Denver, in 2021 we moved to a bigger and better location in Arvada where we have a parking lot big enough to accommodate large trailers and motorhomes. 

Our fast and dependable service will have you towing your trailer or plowing parking lots in no time.

We pride ourselves on having trailer hitches in stock for your vehicle.

While we normally schedule by appointment, we do offer same day service as well. We have a nice waiting area with TV, Wifi.

Whether you are looking to tow your vehicle behind a motorhome, get your vehicle Hitched to haul around your bikes or trailer, or outfit your truck or SUV for a snowplow, Lampert Hitch is your family to help.  

We are also Dog friendly!

The Snow Season is not over yet..

Don’t let Colorado fool you. It may be warm outside now, but before you know it it will be snowing again. Get your plow in for service before the BIG one hits

8′ Sno-way 29 Series with Down Pressure, LED Headlights and Wireless Handheld control

  • New Sno-Way Snow Plows and Salt Spreaders
  • Service and Parts on most major brands including Meyer, BOSS, Northman Western and more…
  • Snow Plows for UTV’s, Skid Steers, Jeeps, 1/2 Ton, 3/4 Ton and 1 Tons
  • Ask us about our USED plow stock


Weather you have a standard Bicycle or an E-Bike Lampert Hitch has you covered! We carry a wide range of hitch mounted Bike Racks from RockyMounts, Kuat, Thule and More..
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Pictured Kuat NV 2 Bike Platform Style rack

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Featured Product: Sno-Way 29R

The Snoway 29R stands out from the crowd, With the greatest possible snow moving flexibility and capacity for your plow truck. No more Machine limitations


The 29R Series 2 snowplow is 8’10” wide and 29 inches tall plow and moves more snow than any plow in this class.

The “R” in the model identifier refers to the Revolution series of plows. These plows are designed with patented hydraulic end wings that that can be controlled together or independently to move the snow where you want it at any time. Each wing can be moved from a straight out position into a 90 degree orientation to the main blade – effectively creating a box plow. This patented dual-wing plow design provides you the ability to move up to 4.8 cubic yards of snow which is double the closest competitor’s V plow or expandable plow!

Engage the Patented Down Pressure® Hydraulics System that increases snow moving capacity another 30% and you have the ultimate snow clearing machine.

Common Truck Applications: 3/4 Ton: F-250, Ram 2500, 2500 Sierra, 2500 Silverado 1 Ton: F-350, Ram 3500, 3500 Sierra, 3500 Silverado

26R Series also available for half ton trucks

Product Featues: Series 2 Package

  • LED Thermosensitive heated Lights
  • Pro Control 2 Plus Wireless handheld control (controls plow & lights)
  • Upgraded Hydraulics Package With Down Pressure
  • Outboard Mount Stand
  • Complete Fleet 2-Plug Connection System
  • ESS™ — Energy Smart System
  • See the 29R in action:

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What Our Customers Say About Us

At Lampert hitch, I was able to get a class 3 hitch installed for less than $300.00. I took my Sienna mini van in to have this done and they got me in and out of there in one hour! They helped make my spring break vacation to Glenwood with wife and kids special! I bought a used hitch mounted bike rack for cheap and was able to haul all of our bikes (four of them) no problem thanks to Lampert Hitch!

Ryan P. Denver, CO.

Great service at affordable price! They can meet every towing and trailering need right there Onsite! Friendly and professional and the owner was so helpful to out of state customer!

Lesa S. Nampa, ID.

The customer experience at Lampert is truly excellent. If there’s one thing I hate doing, it’s product research and coordinating service providers. Recently I’ve become jaded from the disappointing customer service at a variety of large businesses. Obviously everyone is struggling with the labor shortage but sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle to get anything done.

I chose Lampert because I had a very positive interaction when I called to find out more about the process to get a hitch added to my car for a bike rack. It turns out they also had bike racks they could install for me and gave me a quote for the hitch installation and a separate quote that would include the bike rack. I was impressed that the rack they had was also a Colorado based business! They gave me the product number of the rack so I could do my own research and (seeing that the rack was very highly rated and decently priced) I called back within an hour to set up an appointment.

The appointment went very smoothly and was done in less than an hour! They showed me how to use my bike rack and had everything organized for me in the car.

Casey W. Aurora, CO.

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